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In 10 Minutes, Could This SHEET
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To Do Anything?

Date: Friday, January 4th, 2018
From: Marlon Sanders

Dear Friend,

All you do is take my new Persuasion Power Sheet.

You fill in the blanks.

In 10 minutes or less you have a powerful, practical plan to persuade anyone to do anything.

How can this be?

Let me explain. For all the complexities of the human brain, people are actually fairly simple creatures. They're motivated by the desire to gain pleasure and avoid pain by hundreds (if not millions) of years of experience passed down in the genetic memory we all share.

Fact One:

This genetic "persuasion code" is
hardwired into ALL of us, regardless
of race, sex or geographic location.

We all share a common genetic memory because in the ancient past all humans started from a central location. As humans spread around the globe and created countries, this same genetic memory was passed from generation to generation.

Fact Two:

This genetic memory is hardwired to gain pleasure and avoid pain.

Anthony Robbins says:

"Everything human beings do is merely an attempt to change the way they feel"

Kurt Lewin (September 9, 1890 - February 12, 1947), a German-born psychologist who is recognized as the founder of social psychology, created theories about the conflicts humans experience as: approach-avoidance, approach-approach, avoidance-avoidance, and double approach-avoidance.

Traditional psychology calls these motivators "approach avoidance." Approach means you go towards it because it's pleasurable or desirable. Avoidance means you move away from it because it's not desirable or it's painful.

Wikipedia says:

Fact Three:


that allow you to switch on and off the "pain/pleasure" motivators.

This is where most people get it wrong. There are TWO steps required to activate the pain/pleasure motivators. Most people use one or the other.

But they don't do both.

And I've boiled these two steps down into substeps and put them into a Persuasion Sheet that you can use in only 10 minutes to take your best shot at persuading anyone to do anything.

I'm NOT saying you can persuade anyone to do anything. That would be ridiculous. I'm saying if there IS a chance of persuading them, then THESE two steps give you the best shot at doing it.

I've Created 4 Videos To Show You 
How to Use "The Sheet"

Video #1: The Big Picture

How and why you can convince anyone to do anything using "The Sheet"

  • What the two steps are with precise definitions that are clear as a whistle
  • How to boil ANY persuasion task down to just two steps
  • WHY the two steps work so great
  • 5 reasons the "The Sheet" actually works
  • How to integrate "The Sheet" with any other persuasion system or formula already in             your possession.
  • Video #2: How to Use Step One

    • The 7 rules of using Step One correctly
    • How to use Step One in crystal clear step-by-step format
    • Illustrations of using Step One in 7 vastly different persuasion scenarios you'll likely encounter

    Video #3: How to Use Step Two

    • Why Step One won't work nearly as well without Step Two
    • What Robert Collier said about Step Two
    • Exact step-by-step guidelines on doing a great Step Two
    • 7 different ways of doing Step Two
    • Actual illustrations of step two in action -- I pull deep into my persuasion archives and give you my most memorable examples of step two in action from the past.

    Video #4: How to Fill Out "The Sheet" In 10 Minutes Or Less

    "The Sheet" allows you to codify the what to do and how to do it into a checklist so you don't MISS anything.

    Plus, it makes this a standard operating procedure (SOP) you'll use over and over, almost every day until it's virtually ingrained into your thinking.

    You'll be able to TRY OUT "The Sheet" while I'm walking you through it. In less time than you can imagine, you'll be in action using The Sheet and getting almost immediate results -- without strain, effort or getting bogged down in endless or needless details.

    1. You don't need 20 or 30 steps.

    You can literally boil it down to two main steps with a few sub-steps.

    Imagine how much simpler and easier that makes your life. Want to get your spouse or kids to do something? Run 'em the Sheet on 'em.

    Want to get your customers to buy something? Run a Sheet on 'em.

    Want to convince anyone to do anything?

    THESE are the two steps.

    2. This will be your "go to" method anytime you need to persuade anyone

         of anything, whether it's business-related or not

    The SHEET works for ALL of life and everything in YOUR life, not just business. Who do you need to persuade? A significant other, kids, boss, neighbor?

    3. This isn't just my opinion. It's rooted in sound psychology

    We go to the very heart or root of persuasion. This is based on actual psychology and research on the mind.

    All 4 Videos, PLUS 3 Hot Bonuses
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    Just imagine how much you'd pay if you had to do even a small part of this yourself, from scratch. The endless hours of research that you save alone are worth at least 10 x the cost of "The Sheet."

    I'm pricing "The Sheet" at $47.00, so it's affordable for practically everyone, but don't let that confuse you on the actual value. I charge $1,000.00 an hour for consulting and have invested at least 20 hours of my time into the development of "The Sheet".


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    BONUS 1: The Short Sheet

    You use this for FAST persuasion tasks. It's an abbreviated version of the Full Sheet and you can fill it out lickety split. Yet, it still follows the two-step Persuasion Formula and will ge the job done.

    BONUS 2: Review of FREE and for fee TOOLS

    There are some free and for fee tools to assist you in the persuasion process. In this bonus video I walk you through both free and for free tools you can use on your website and emails.

    BONUS 3: PDF's of the mindmaps

    In the videos I used mindmaps to explain the points. As a bonus for acting right now, you'll receive PDF's of the actual mindmaps used and referenced in the videos.

    "The Sheet" is covered by a 100% 30 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee so you've really got nothing to lose by taking it for a test drive!

    Here's My 30 Day
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    Best Wishes,
    Marlon Sanders

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